Special Needs Sessions


It all started when…

I had my 3rd child, Cooper. For the longest time, he developed as any child would, until one day when I noticed I made a loud noise and he didn’t flinch. I tried again and nothing. I started to pay more attention and recognized he didn’t respond to his name or even make eye contact, let alone say any words. We began state supported therapies and in December of 2015, he was diagnosed with Level 3 Autism.

As I am deepened my involvement in the Autism community, I have learned that working with kids with Special Needs, especially Autism, and their families, is one of the joys I never expected to find as a photographer. I love working with families to capture those moments, be it a family portrait or a tender moment with Santa, that they never thought was possible.

As your photographer, I promise your family:

  • We will partner closely to plan a session that reflects and celebrates your family as it is.

  • We will find a safe location that meets your child’s sensory and physical needs.

  • (For studio sessions), we will schedule time before your session to bring your child in to become familiar with it. (if desired)

  • I will adjust our session time to allow for extended breaks, snacks and snuggle time to ensure this is a good experience for your family, especially your child.

  • If it’s a bad day - whether you know it the morning of or 10 minutes into the session, we will reschedule. No questions asked.

  • I will move the earth, sun and stars (with a little Photoshop magic) to create the images you’re looking for.

  • You will love your images and cherish them forever.

No matter what your concerns are - let’s talk.