Keira | Fells Point Teen Session

I am so behind on blogging. SOOOO behind. Anyway … I’m doing it now right?

So I’ve been dreaming about this building in Fells Point. It’s just this tall, magnificent glass building right on the water. The way the sun hits it at sunset is just a thing of dreams. But sunset wasn’t going to work since it gets super busy down there - so Keira and I met in a nearby parking lot early one Saturday morning to grab an early morning shoot instead. It was insanely foggy but thankfully the fog lifted and we got some glimpses of the son.

We started walking over to the building and there it was: scaffolding. Scaffolding everywhere. My beautiful glass structure was no where to be found under the pile of metal and wooden platforms. My heart sunk - but I wasn’t about to turn around. I knew the structure should provide for some incredible light - and it didn’t disappoint.

Alex | Baltimore Teen Photographer

Hey friends! I am migrating my website to a new platform and bringing the old blog posts with me. So if something seems a little off (you know - like summer shots in winter!) - just bear with me! <3

Alex was so much fun to photograph! She is 13 and just starting high school. Her mom wanted to give her an incredible portrait experience to boost her confidence entering high school and to feel like a fashion model for a day. Alex came into our Westminster studio sporting newly dyed teal ombre hair. It was so cute! Sarah accented the color with loose curls and added subtle makeup to glam her up a little but also keep it age appropriate.

Alex really wanted to make sure her personality came through in her session so we paired her outfits with some outfits we had in the studio. The most important to her was her BTS tshirt. Alex LOVES BTS and K-pop in general, so we matched her BTS tee with classic jeans and then swapped that out for a tulle skirt to bring in element of whimsy. Even though she started the day insisting she didn't want to wear a dress, she fell in love with a knee length navy cocktail dress with a stunning crystal waistband. And she looked AMAZING in it.

We were fortunate it was a beautiful day and we were able to wander the neighborhood around the studio. Our studio is situated in downtown Westminster - surrounded by a Civil War era cityscape that creates just the most amazing backgrounds for teen and senior portraits. (And we timed everything right and even got a brief tour of the Westminster Historical Society, as well).

At the end of the day, Alex told her mom she had so much fun, she wanted to do this every year. And THAT is why we do this. Love you Alex! Have fun in high school!!!

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