Cousins Session | Harford County Family Photographer

Absolutely loved this recent cousin session at Historic Jerusalem Mill.  It was totally last minute.  3 of the cousins were visiting from Wisconsin when they realized they had a great opportunity to take some beautiful portraits from their grandparents.  I am so glad we did because the session turned out perfect.  We met early in the morning (well, early in the morning for me!) and explored the beautiful grounds and captured some great images along the way.

Senior Year Bucket List | 50 Things to Do Before You Graduate High School

Hey Class of 2020!  The seniors are gone, high school feels empty and guess what?  It’s YOUR TURN now.  This year is all about making memories.  If you ask anyone who has been out of high school for more than a few things – they’ll tell you a few things consistently:

  • Hang out with your friends as much as you can

  • Make new friends – branch outside of your circle

  • Stay in touch.  Make the effort to have real in person visits or phone calls instead of social media

  • Pick your friends over boyfriends.  “It sounds so dumb but I wish I hung out with my girlfriends more instead of my boyfriend at the time.  My mother was right – the boyfriend wouldn’t last, but my friendships would”

  • Thank the ones who got you this far

So how do you make all this happen?  Check out this bucket list of 50 Things to Do Before You Graduate

senior year bucket list
maryland senior photographer

1.     Join a new club!  Not only will you gain skills and maybe find a new interest – you will grow your group of friends.

2.   Attend the Maryland State Fair (and wear a concert T shirt bc that’s how I met one of my best friends)

3. Go to homecoming

4.     Attend a high school football game (or other big sport at your school)

5.     Attend a pep rally

6.     Attend the ring dance

maryland high school senior pics

7.     Spirit Week!

8. Make a plan for the future. Whether you’re going to college or starting your career – take the time to develop a plan for your future now.  Because your future will be here sooner than you think.

9.     Take professional senior pics.  You won’t do this again until you get married – so make it count!

10. Host a bonfire

11. One word: HAYRIDE!

12.  Have a pumpkin carving party

13.  See one of your favorite bands in concert

14.  Go camping

15. Ice Skating at the Avenue 

16.  Bowling!  (Is Rock n Bowl still a thing??)

17.  Drive in movies at Benjie’s

18. Pay it forward

fall high school pictures

19. Try a new food. Check out the restaurants in Bethesda for amazing authentic cuisine.

20. Host a movie marathon with your friends!

21.  Pull an all-nighter

22.  Watch the sunrise

23.  Visit a Christmas Tree farm

24.  Make some good healthy habits now so they’re easier to stick to as your life becomes more complicated

25.  Learn to stand up for yourself and that it’s ok to say “no”.

26.  Learn to cook a real meal

Maryland Senior Pics

27.  Bake Christmas cookies

28. Go Christmas Caroling

29.  Play in the snow

30.  Start a collection

31.  Create a playlist of the songs that mean something to you and remind you of your friends and this incredible year!

32.  Go 24 hours without a phone

33.  Attend a high school play

34. Attend a minor league baseball game – bonus points if you stay for fireworks

35.  Go to an Amusement Park

36.  Sunflowers in Jarrettsville

37.  Volunteer for a day at a place you want to learn more about

Jarrettsville Sunflowers

38.  Day trip to DC and see the touristy things you’ve never done

39.  Search for fossils at Calvert Cliffs State Park

40.  Change your hair.  Like a lot.  Manic Panic anyone?

41. ROAD TRIP !!!

42. Print your pictures and make a scrapbook or collage for college!

43.  Register to vote

44. Go hiking

45.  Do something by yourself – go out to eat, go to the movies, something – be ok with being alone

46. Open a bank account

47. Make a vision board for your future goals

baltimore senior photography

48.  Visit your elementary school teachers (bonus if you bring your cap and gown to show off to the younger generation!)

49.  Write a letter to your future self

50. Go to prom (and graduate!)

You get one chance to make this amazing. Make it count. When someone asks you in 10, 20 or 50 years what was your biggest regret - be able to say “nothing. It was amazing!”.

Did I miss anything on YOUR senior year bucket list??? Drop a line in the comments!

Reina | Gaithersburg Senior Photographer

Reina is a good friend of Kaila and they booked their senior portrait sessions at the same time - but scheduled them a few weeks apart. Reina also wanted to put her own spin on her session and I loved partnering with her to design the best experience.

Reina just graduated from Hood College this past weekend with a degree in nursing. She has been working towards this dream for the past 9 years - and credits her friendship with Kaila with getting her through the last few years.

Graduating college wasn’t just important for Reina to achieve her careers goals. It was also important for her to graduate for her kids. And with that - we knew we had to include them in her session. We spent the first half of the session with her family and then switched gears towards more of my style of senior portraits. Kaila even joined us for a few snaps to celebrate!

Congrats Reina! You did it!

Kaila | Frederick Maryland Senior Photographer

Kaila contacted me in March in search of a senior photographer. She was graduating nursing school and wanted to celebrate in a huge way. This had been a goal of hers for so long and she wanted an over the top senior shoot - and one where she could include her family.

We started planning and talked through everything Kaila wanted to incorporate. It was extremely important to her that we use Hood College as the primary backdrop for her session - especially the nursing department. But she also wanted to include some cool urban elements too by shooting in downtown Frederick, MD.

The week leading up to the session RAINED non stop. I was so worried the ground would be saturated … and while it was, we could work with it. The bigger issue was the morning of the session - the winds started. Like SERIOUS 60 mph winds. We debated rescheduling but since Kaila had family coming from Connecticut for the session, we agreed to work with it and do our best.

I’m so glad we did because the session was incredible. It was a little chilly and a lot windy - but we had so so much fun. Kaila graduated this past weekend and is now well on her way towards her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse. Congrats Kaila! Your family is so proud of you!

Cap & Gown / College Tee Mini Sessions

Cap & Gown Mini Sessions Are HERE!!!

It’s Graduation Season! Can you believe it? Your hard work is finally paying off and you get to walk across the stage in your cap and gown to receive your diploma. To celebrate this accomplishment by the Class of 2019, we are hosting Cap & Gown mini sessions!

Cap & Gown mini sessions are being held by appointment from May 28th through June 8th.

Mid week sessions are held between 5:30 and 6:30pm.

Each session lasts 15 minutes and includes 1 digital image with matching 5x7 or 8x10 print for only $99

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cap & Gown Mini Session?

Well … it’s how it sounds. Mini sessions last 15 minutes and give you the full Jane Mack quality and experience wrapped up in a short and sweet session

Can I wear something besides my cap & gown?

Yes … but with limitations. If your high school or college graduates in something other than a cap & gown, you’re welcome to wear that instead. Off to college in the Fall? Bring your college tee and jeans and we can grab some cute shots as well!

Can I buy additional images?

Absolutely! All images are sold with a matching mounted print, your choice of 8x10 or 5x7.

3 images + prints ~ $195

10 images + prints $295

Kenna | Baltimore Senior Photographer

So last night, I told you all about Alex - one of the two incredible seniors who launched this whole thing. Now let me tell you about Kenna.

The funny thing is … Kenna’s family had been in my life for years, but I had never met her. And boy, was I missing out. Kenna’s younger brother was good friends with my oldest son, but since she was old enough to never be in the same school as her brother at the same time. I knew Kenna’s mom for years from chaperoning the same field trips, volunteering at the same school events and chatting at birthday parties. Kenna has such an incredible role model in her mom. She’s strong, brilliant, dedicated and fiercely protective of her kids. And as I got to know Kenna, I saw so much of those traits in her, as well.

What I love about all senior sessions - but especially Kenna’s - they start with “how do I pose?” and end with the girls directing - finding gorgeous pockets of light, creating fun poses, and really just lighting up for the camera. I’m so looking forward to photographing Kenna again for her senior portraits!!!

Alex | Maryland Senior Photographer

People often ask me what drew me into becoming a senior photographer. It’s a rather specific genre and depending on where you live in the country, it may or may not be a thing. I hear in Texas, senior photography is as big of a deal as wedding photography - but in Maryland, it’s still a new idea.

5 years ago, when my youngest son was born, I was home on maternity leave and began falling in love with senior portraits I was seeing in my random photography groups on Facebook. Gone were the solemn faces holding a red rose with a black velvet cape - and now here were these amazing portraits in the hottest fashions showing off a girl’s personality and making her look like a model. Why didn’t they have that back in 1996????

I decided to try my hand at it - and instantly fell in love. But then life happened - and somewhere along the way, I forgot the joy these sessions brought me. I had a few senior sessions scattered here and there - but had never decided to focus on them exclusively until this time last year.

Last May was a lot like this May. It rained. A lot. For what seemed like forever. And then one day … the rain ended and the sun started to peak out. It was still humid as hell but it was beautiful out. Somehow all of the trees, bushes and flowers were blooming at the same time. And that was the day Alex and Kenna (you’ll meet her in another blog post), came into the studio and really, set the wheels in motion for everything I am now.

I knew Alex’s mom, Michelle, from my previous professional life. Alex was wrapping up her sophomore year of high school and her mom thought it would be a great opportunity to get portraits taken of her. Like a lot moms, she realized we do a great job photographing our kids professionally until they start kindergarten - and then we settle for school pictures which may or may not be the greatest and the occasional family portrait session - but somehow we don’t manage to photograph our kids again until they’re adults, getting married. Michelle wanted to change that - and brought Alex in for a session.

Alex is as brilliant as she is stunning. Wise beyond her years and excellent at literally every single thing she does. She had the rest of high school and college planned and knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life - down to a T. I don’t remember having it this together as this girl!

So last year - I had a different business name and a different website - and when all of that went by the wayside, so did my original blog of this session. But I didn’t want to lose it and certainly didn’t want to forget the launching point for Jane Mack Photography.

Jenna | Maryland Senior Photographer

Jenna is by far one of the coolest teens I know - and I’m not saying that because she’s on my model team. She’s compassionate, enthusiastic, full of ideas and driven to improve the world. AND she’s going to be a senior in just a few short weeks!!! We got to hang out in the city a few weeks ago and I am so excited to share her session! <3

Keira | Fells Point Teen Session

I am so behind on blogging. SOOOO behind. Anyway … I’m doing it now right?

So I’ve been dreaming about this building in Fells Point. It’s just this tall, magnificent glass building right on the water. The way the sun hits it at sunset is just a thing of dreams. But sunset wasn’t going to work since it gets super busy down there - so Keira and I met in a nearby parking lot early one Saturday morning to grab an early morning shoot instead. It was insanely foggy but thankfully the fog lifted and we got some glimpses of the son.

We started walking over to the building and there it was: scaffolding. Scaffolding everywhere. My beautiful glass structure was no where to be found under the pile of metal and wooden platforms. My heart sunk - but I wasn’t about to turn around. I knew the structure should provide for some incredible light - and it didn’t disappoint.

Kristina | Baltimore County Senior Photographer

Kristina came to my studio last summer looking for senior portraits … and a model for a day experience. Ok, maybe, we should reverse those ideas. Kristina was SO excited for her session and literally brought 3 bags of clothes in because she just couldn’t decide. After her hair and makeup was finished by the incredible Sarah G, we spent some time mixing and matching from the studio wardrobe and what she brought - and we created some fun looks!!! What I loved most - besides doing a mixture of in studio and outdoor images - was seeing how elated Kristina was when she left the studio. You could tell she felt as great as she looked!!!

Ready to book your model for a day senior session? Drop me a line!