Secrets to Amazing Summer Hair | Guest Blogger: Kelly Logan Gould


You may recognize guest blogger Kelly Logan Gould as the beauty and brains behind her former blog Gouldylox. She is a producer, writer, blogger, and creator of the incredible organization, KarmaDogs. She is also a total hair guru so when I needed to latest on the best products to cure my summer hair blues - she was the first person to jump in my head. NOTE: This blog contains affiliate links.

XO Jane

Summer hair, don’t care? 

Nah. You know you do. Here are the latest products to make the most of your summer hair care.

Sand, sun and summer shenanigans all lead to greasy hair. One surefire way to degunk your scalp is with activated charcoal. It’s no secret that charcoal will dry up the yuckies and impurities your hair picks up during your adventures. But using activated charcoal on your hair can end those embarrassing flakies and leave your hair shinier than ever. My choice? OGX Purifying + Charcoal Detox Shampoo. It purifies and leaves your scalp and hair squeaky clean without overdoing it. Use once or twice a week to really clean your hair and scalp. $8.99

Need some style boosting help? Cake is a new drugstore haircare line and it’s got the goods. While it smells like cake, it works like a boss B. Don’t let the strong scent of spice cake scare you, these top-notch budget stylers will save the day. 

The Wave Maker is a light spray in that uses mainly sugar to give you beachy hair. Unlike others, it doesn’t feel sticky, dry your hair out and it brushes out beautifully. $6.99

The Locks Smith Dry Conditioner will add a softness and shine to hair between conditioning treatments. This won’t leave your hair greasy; just gorgeous. $7.99

Can’t stand the heat? Give your hair some Hawaiian tlc with Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate + Shea Butter Hair Mask. This mask is like a vacation from styling tools for your hair. Shea Butter hydrates and coconut water smoothes and settles hair back into a happier, hydrated state. Throw it in wet hair and a bun and hit the beach. You won’t believe how soft and shiny your hair is afterward! $9.49