Alex | Maryland Senior Photographer

People often ask me what drew me into becoming a senior photographer. It’s a rather specific genre and depending on where you live in the country, it may or may not be a thing. I hear in Texas, senior photography is as big of a deal as wedding photography - but in Maryland, it’s still a new idea.

5 years ago, when my youngest son was born, I was home on maternity leave and began falling in love with senior portraits I was seeing in my random photography groups on Facebook. Gone were the solemn faces holding a red rose with a black velvet cape - and now here were these amazing portraits in the hottest fashions showing off a girl’s personality and making her look like a model. Why didn’t they have that back in 1996????

I decided to try my hand at it - and instantly fell in love. But then life happened - and somewhere along the way, I forgot the joy these sessions brought me. I had a few senior sessions scattered here and there - but had never decided to focus on them exclusively until this time last year.

Last May was a lot like this May. It rained. A lot. For what seemed like forever. And then one day … the rain ended and the sun started to peak out. It was still humid as hell but it was beautiful out. Somehow all of the trees, bushes and flowers were blooming at the same time. And that was the day Alex and Kenna (you’ll meet her in another blog post), came into the studio and really, set the wheels in motion for everything I am now.

I knew Alex’s mom, Michelle, from my previous professional life. Alex was wrapping up her sophomore year of high school and her mom thought it would be a great opportunity to get portraits taken of her. Like a lot moms, she realized we do a great job photographing our kids professionally until they start kindergarten - and then we settle for school pictures which may or may not be the greatest and the occasional family portrait session - but somehow we don’t manage to photograph our kids again until they’re adults, getting married. Michelle wanted to change that - and brought Alex in for a session.

Alex is as brilliant as she is stunning. Wise beyond her years and excellent at literally every single thing she does. She had the rest of high school and college planned and knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life - down to a T. I don’t remember having it this together as this girl!

So last year - I had a different business name and a different website - and when all of that went by the wayside, so did my original blog of this session. But I didn’t want to lose it and certainly didn’t want to forget the launching point for Jane Mack Photography.