Getting Ready for your Senior Session: Top 10 Tips for Incredible Makeup

Professional hair and makeup is one of those things that may seem like it’s unnecessary but let’s be real - you’re making a significant investment of time and money to commemorate a time in your life that will never happen again. It’s SO worth adding on professional hair and makeup - whether it’s with me or someone else.

Maryland Senior Photography Makeup Tips

So however you choose to do your makeup for your session - here are 10 tips to make it INCREDIBLE.

1. EXFOLIATE!!! This one is super important to remove any dry patches or weird textures that may be lurking on your skin. Make sure you do this one at least 2 days before your session (more if you have sensitive skin) to prevent any weird breakouts or rashes.

2. Before you apply any makeup - wash your face well and apply a hydrating moisturizer. Be careful with moisturizers with built in sunscreen the day of, as they can add additional shine to your face.

3. At least 3 days before your session - avoid any products that contain salicylic acid to avoid drying out your skin.

4. Brush your teeth and put in your contacts before you start. Adding these in after can mess up your look.

5. Don’t apply makeup while wearing your outfit! Grab a loose button up shirt (think: art smock!) to cover yourself before you get started.

6. Let’s talk waxing for a minute. Waxing is great but it will make your skin red and puffy for a few days after. If you wax your face, make sure you do it AT LEAST a week before your session.

7. Drink lots of water for the week leading up to your session - and get a good night’s rest too. Puffy eyes are hard to hide.

8. If you’re hiring someone to do your makeup, bring photo examples to your appointment to show the look you want. Pinterest is a great place to gather look ideas! Avoid anything that is heavily contoured. It may be the trend today but won’t be tomorrow. And you want to look like yourself in your images - not someone else (who just happens to have incredible cheek bones). Your makeup artist can help guide you in ways to accentuate your look without stamping an expiration date on it.

9. I know you see it all over YouTube but please … go easy on the highlighter. And whatever you do, don’t put the highlight on the tip of your nose. Trust me on this one - it won’t photograph right and you’ll regret it.

10. Hire a makeup artist you can trust and let them guide the way. Even if you want a “no makeup” look - adding a little foundation and mascara can make a HUGE difference - and yes, you’ll still look like yourself. Promise.