10 Reasons to Invest in Senior Pictures | Maryland Senior Photographer

People often ask me, “Why should I get professional senior pictures?  Isn’t the cap and gown at the school enough?”.  So here are my 10 reasons why you should invest in senior portraits.

  1. This is literally the biggest milestone of your life to this point.  You have worked every day from pre-school to get here.  It’s an accomplishment worth celebrating!

  2. Graduating high school happens once in a lifetime - you won’t have this moment again.

  3. You probably haven’t had a professional portrait taken outside of school since you were little - and even then, it was probably in a mall.  

  4. And moms and dads, the next time your child will be in pictures this magical will likely involve a fancy white dress.

  5. Senior portraits at school last 5-10 minutes with a boring drape or fake tuxedo.  I’m not suggesting you skip the yearbook photo — but the drape doesn’t quite capture your personality, does it?

  6. Senior portraits with a professional photographer, like myself, give you a model for a day experience.  Be the center of attention, wear amazing clothes professionally styled for you, and be PAMPERED.  That sounds like a pretty incredible way to celebrate this accomplishment, doesn’t it?

  7. Investing the time in a full portrait session gives you flexibility in locations, variety of outfits, and allows your personality and style to emerge in the images.  No two senior photo sessions are alike.  Kind of like you.  

  8. Professional senior photographers have invested thousands of hours in honing their craft - but that’s not just learning to use a camera.  It includes editing, styling, and posing too!  I’ve personally studied under some of the best portrait photographers in the world to have the tools to make you look and feel incredible.

  9. Let’s face it - grandparents love pictures. 

  10. Nothing builds confidence and self-esteem quite like portraits that show you, if only for a glimpse, how your parents see you.



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